The Tradition Of The Bridal Bouquet

Walking down the long aisle of a church is the dream of many girls as they grow up, and most of them might picture the flowers in their bridal bouquet along with their gown and veil. For those who are getting ready to marry soon, choosing the flowers they will carry can have a special significance. While many modern brides choose their flowers Harrogate based only on what they like, others prefer to choose based on the symbolic meaning of the flowers they will carry. Whether or not the bride is traditional, the flowers and her bouquet will still have plenty of meaning for her, the groom and the guests.

An Expression of Love

Getting married is a ritual that binds two people together in a monogamous relationship, and modern couples are expected to love each other deeply. Parts of their vows are often centered on fidelity to the other person, their relationship and the institution of marriage. If the bride is a traditionalist, she might choose roses as a symbol of her love. The roses are a symbol of her commitment to her soon-to-be spouse, and they show her wish to be a faithful partner before the ceremony even begins. They are one of the most popular flowers at modern weddings, but some brides only choose them for their beauty.

Fidelity and Friendship

Couples who have managed to keep their relationship going for decades often talk about being married to their best friend, and it is often true that this can be more important than love in a long term relationship. Brides who look forward to the symbolism in their wedding will often choose roses, but they might carry them wrapped in ivy to symbolize their friendship and affection for the person they love. Getting married is no guarantee their love will last forever, but being friends will help them find it again as the years pass.

The Traditional Toss

It has become a tradition for the bride to toss her bouquet to the single women attending her wedding, and many of them will line up in the hopes they will be the next to find a love true enough to marry. They generally return the bouquet to the bride’s family so she can have it as a keepsake, so it is important to have a florist that can put together the perfect bouquet that will not break apart when tossed. At HJF, wedding flowers Harrogate and bouquets are a specialty that receives exacting attention when put together. Brides who use them will not need to be concerned their flowers will come apart before they are caught by the lucky single woman with hopes and dreams.  Consult with a florist Harrogate for the most ideal bouquet.

Getting married in modern times is often less traditional than it has been in the past, but there are still many old-fashioned ideas that crop up. While the bride might have no particular attachment to the past, carrying flowers down the aisle and tossing them to single women later is steep in centuries of tradition. For those who want a keepsake for their lifetime, getting the perfect flowers is what matters most.